About the Jersey Aquatic Center                                  

Some of you have asked about the commitment of the owners of the JAC to the longevity of the swimming programs at the facility.

The short answer is that as the owners of the Jersey Aquatic Center (JAC), we are totally committed to building successful aquatic programs sponsored by the JAC over the long run, including a top tier competitive team, a premier swim school and a variety of other programs to offer our community.


All our kids grew up swimming for Jim Wood and that experience shaped their character and lives profoundly. Jim’s mission was not just to help each athlete to achieve their full potential in the water; it was to help them develop critical life skills.

As Jim said, “A coach’s main job is not to take young athletes and create great swimmers, but to take young athletes and create great adults.”

We are so thankful to Jim for what he did in our kids’ lives and are big believers in his mission, which is represented by his core values that are emblazoned on the bottom of our pool:

Pride, Courage, Humility, Respect, Commitment, Integrity, Accountability, and Perseverance.

With Jim, we built the JAC so that more young athletes could have the life-shaping experience that our kids had. And we still feel the same about pursuing that mission.

Now, the facility has four pools – the Olympic sized competition pool, the smaller training pool, the teaching pool for the swim school, and the aquatherapy pool for those with health needs – and an extensive weight training room, we dedicate the Jersey Aquatic Center to its best service in our community and the greater New Providence area.

It may take some time to fulfill this vision, but we’re committed to persevering over the long haul and making this happen. We would hope that our track record speaks for itself – we first supported Jim in this mission over 20 years ago and are as committed today as we were when we first started.

                   - Rob King & Mike Pearson (owners)
The Jersey Aquatic Center  -   629 Central Ave  -   New Providence, NJ  -  07974