What is Safe Sport?

Safe Sport is a belief AND system of security to foster a healthy and fun environment to learn sports competition. USA swimming and STAC at the JAC are committed to providing an environment that parents know their children are safe to attend.

Safe Sport is a Community Effort

STAC parents are encouraged to participate in your child's swimming interests. By attending practices and meets, you can be a part of a community that provides its youth a great place to learn and grow. Being a part of the swimming community helps everyone feel more welcome and secure!

Speak Out Against Abuse

We highly encourage parents, athletes and volunteers to speak out against any abuse. There is a zero tolerance bullying policy, which STAC-NP at the JAC and USA swimming take very seriously.

Safe Sport Training

STAC asks that all parents and athletes complete the requirements of Safe Sport training. Athlete Protection Training helps the swimmer, parent/guardian and coaches understand how to safely maneuver in the training environmert.