Jersey Aquatic Center Masters Swimming

"U.S. Masters Swimming is a national membership-operated nonprofit that provides membership benefits to nearly 65,000 Masters swimmers across the country. These benefits include insurance, SWIMMER magazine, sanctioned events, and more. USMS and its 52 Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSCs) provide direct support to more than 1,500 Masters Swimming clubs and workout groups. Structure and organization of USMS programs vary and are driven by factors such as pool availability, instructor or coach availability, community support, and finances. The majority of locations offering Masters Swimming programs have coaches on deck. Coaches write workouts and provide feedback and instruction."
USMS Mission Statement: To promote health, wellness, fitness, and competition for adults through swimming.

As a USMS Club, Jersey Aquatic Center Masters is team-based adult aquatic program that serves swimmers of various skill levels with a range of individual training goals. Some members are training for specific events while many others are training for individual health and fitness. The environment and community we create is one dedicated to promoting member fitness, friendship and fun.
Swimmers participating in Jersey Aquatic Center Masters coached workouts are required to be registered with USMS
Instructions for USMS Registration with JACM USMS Club:
-Full USMS Membership (Join/Renew) - and select Club "JACM"
-Trial USMS Membership - and select "Jersey Aquatic Center Masters (JACM)" Please see important information about trial memberships below:
  • Trial memberships are limited to one per lifetime.
  • Trial memberships are limited to 30 consecutive days in length, starting upon completion of this form.
  • Trial memberships are for workouts or clinics only.
  • Trial memberships cannot be used to participate in swim meets or open water race events.
  • A trial membership provides secondary personal accident coverage to the participant while participating in the USMS activity.
Masters General Information
➡️Masters Coached Workout Schedule (subject to change)
    Sundays: 8:00 - 9:30am
    Mon/Tue/Wed: 6:00 - 7:15pm

➡️Want to join JAC Masters with the monthly membership?

Sign up today for monthly JAC Masters mebership for only $70 per month! 


➡️Non-JAC Masters program/facility members must pay a $10 Drop-in fee (via cash or Venmo to @JerseyAquaticCenter) to participate in JAC coached workouts.


➡️For news and info about the local NJ Masters swimming community, check out 

**MUST be registered with USMS to participate!  All registered swimmers with Masters at the JAC can also attend any of the lap swim sessions.


Join US Masters Swimming at the Jersey Aquatic Center

Join JAC Masters Swimming  for swimmers of all skill levels today! Try out a coached session or enjoy a lap swim! For questions, please reach out to Chris McGiffin at [email protected] or 908-803-1851.

****Disclaimer: No private coaching/instruction, competitions or other programming. Participants are to circle swim and lane share as needed.  All swimming is at your own risk and weather permitting. Any infraction may restrict or negate use of facility.


The Jersey Aquatic Center  -   629 Central Ave  -   New Providence, NJ  -  07974