Are Group or Private Swimming Lessons Best for New Swimmers?

Kevin Smith

If you or your child are looking for swimming lessons, you may be asking whether a group or private instruction is best. There may be a lot of differing opinions out there, but ultimately the choice is up to what suits your needs. 

Some people thrive in group settings while others need a more private instruction to achieve the success they are looking for. 

You should also take into account your swimming goals and daily schedule. 

Benefits of Group Swimming Lessons

The social element of group lessons can really help students learn. By observing swimmers with more experience, new swimmers quickly learn new techniques and usually respond to instruction very well. 

Most often, group classes offer a reduced cost to benefit since larger classes are usually very affordable.

Group swimming also can be a great stress reliever. Since students can see their peers learning at the same rate, the pressure of performing solo is greatly reduced. 

However some students may feel like they are being watched too closely in large group. A private setting offers the benefit of helping students feel more at ease during their training.


Private Swimming Lesson Benefits

While there is nothing wrong with learning in groups, some people are more comfortable with individual instruction. Private lessons offer many benefits that group instruction fails to cover. 

During a private lesson, instructors are more willing to take more time and become more detailed with their students. Go at your own pace, as the old expression goes!

This also can be a great benefit to quick learners! If you tend to learn rapidly, your instructor can tailor the program to fit your needs.

If you have a lot of schedule changes or if you want to meet more often than group classes offer, then a private lesson can offer you that flexibility.


Less Performance Anxiety and Better Focus

Solo instruction helps students be more at ease than group settings. If you are self conscious or easily distracted, private lessons might be the option for you.


Competition Training

Highly competitive athletes often desire extra training support and private lessons with an instructor can provide help with pushing you to the next level!

No matter your training level, all swimmers can benefit from instruction, whether in group or private. 


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