Swim Tutor Camps & Clinics

The Jersey Aquatic Center (JAC), located in New Providence, New Jersey, offers ways for competitive swimmers to refine their swimming technique in a group enviornment!  Work with our qualified coaches to make your swimming skills better! 

Improved performances are driven by an athlete’s ability to understand and focus on details manifest in the various skills that are sequenced in a performance/race. Swimming skills are very simple, and at the same moment, very complex. Movements, concepts, hydrodynamics, bio-mechanics, sensory information and emotions all intersect and conspire toward an athlete’s performance. Each skill can be isolated and addressed, first, individually, next, as it is positioned in a specific performance/race. Each skill can be practiced, changed, and improved!

JAC offers clinic styled programming throughout the year. Some will address general topics (training methodology, stroke, start, turn tech, etc), some more specific (breaststroke starts, stroke tempo, conservation of energy, performance enhancers and inhibitors, etc). The scale of offerings will range from entry level to expert levels. Clinic topics and audiences will be matched appropriately. Similar age and similar experience levels will always be the goal.

JAC will a publish a clinic series every season. There will be several basic, necessary, repeating curriculums of a beginning and intermediate nature. Advanced to expert level will be offered as needed and as demand dictate.

The clinics will appropriately employ specific swimmer to coach ratios, model performance videos and athlete video-taping and review as teaching/learning tools during the clinics.


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📨If you have any questions, please call/text 973-525-2687 or email [email protected]


The Jersey Aquatic Center  -   629 Central Ave  -   New Providence, NJ  -  07974