Swim Tutor Private & Semi Private Coaching

Have a swimmer looking for additional instruction on a stroke, start, or turn? How about mental toughness? The list is long for opportunities to improve as a competitive athlete!


Join Swim Tutor at the JAC!


The JAC proudly announces "Swim Tutor," a new aquatic program designed to offer personalized coaching for competitive swimmers of all ages. Swim Tutor offers a limited number of semi-private classes consisting of two students. Students must be siblings and of comparable skill level. These classes will be offered at the discretion of the Swim Tutor Director.


Learn from Exceptional Swim Coaches


The instructors are experienced coaches, focused on the specific needs of the individual athlete.  They will use their vast swimming knowledge to help each competitive athlete get better through activities such as drills, video analysis and one-on-one training.


A Few Personal Coaching Topics Athletes Can Work On


By joining Swim Tutor, students can expect to work on a wide range of competitive swimming skills and preparation techniques of their choice.


Swim Tutor curriculum includes:




-freestyle: technique, start, turn

-backstroke: technique, start, turn

-breaststroke: technique, start, turn

-butterfly: technique, start, turn




-middle -distance







-open water



-mental toughness

-race strategies


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