Practice Schedules - STAC New Providence Division
at the   Jersey Aquatic Center
STAC-NP Spring/Summer Practice Schedule
JUNE 19 - AUGUST 4TH (Practices held at the New Providence Community Pool)
Grade 2nd-3rd     M-F     8:00-9:00am
Grade 4th-5th      M-F     8:00-9:00am
Grade 6th-7th      M-F     7:30-9:00am      SAT* 8:30-10:00am *(at JAC) 
Grade 8th-9th      M-F     6:00-8:00am      SAT* 8:00-10:00am *(at JAC)
Grade 10th-12th  M-F     6:00-8:00am      SAT* 8:00-10:00am *(at JAC)
APRIL 10 - JUNE 16 (Practices held at Jersey Aquatic Center)
Grade 2nd-3rd     M-F     4:15-5:15pm    SAT 9:00-10:00
Grade 4th-5th      M-F     4:15-5:15pm    SAT 9:00-10:00
Grade 6th-7th      M-F     4:15-5:45pm    SAT 8:30-10:00
Grade 8th-9th      M-Th   5:30-7:30pm    FRI 4:15-6:00pm   SAT 8:00-10:00
Grade 10th-12th  M-F     5:30-7:30pm    FRI 4:15-6:00pm   SAT 8:00-10:00